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6'x 30" and 8'x 30" Tables

Six Foot Table rentals for any size event
(Six foot tables for more than 5,000 guests):

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All folding 6' rental tables have folding legs that make them easy to store and transport. To set up the table just pull the leg out away from the bottom of the table and lock the leg in place by pushing the flat bar in the center of the leg until it clicks into the locked position. HINT: This table has a seating rating of ten people, where more elbow room is desired, seat only eight for a more comfortable fit.

6' x 30" Rectangle Table (folding):

One of the most widely used rental tables, the six foot (6'x30") rectangle rental table has many uses. In the main event area they are used as vendor tables, expo tables, registration tables, beverage service tables, buffet tables, dessert tables, coffee tables, place catd tables, and gift tables. Behind the scenes they are used by food service as prep tables, serving tables, and clearing tables in the "back of the house".

This table is used at festivals and fairs as a vendor table for flyers and products. HINT: Use marking paint or chalk for outside events and tape for inside events to mark vendor spaces (include a space number). This will minimize confusion when vendors are setting up. This can be done the day before the vendors arrive if you have access to the space. The marked vendor areas, along with a printed layout for each vendor showing all the vendor spaces (with numbers) will allow each vendor to easily find their spot. This will free you up to handle other tasks.

The six foot long table can also used as a dining table. Six to eight people can be seated at this rental table for a picnic style meal. Under a food tent at a Fall festival (for example).

Do you need a larger dinner table? Put two 6'x 30" tables side by side to create a 6'x 5' Table with plenty of room for a holiday centerpiece and side dishes. Full place settings will also easily fit on this size table. Fourteen guests can be seated around this sizeable table fit for a holiday feast. To fit more guests, extend this table with 4'x 30", 6'x 30" or 8'x 30" to any length.

Another popular use for the 6' table is food service. Caterers will use this table for buffets. For the prep area, the caterer will also use this table to prepare and set trays and plates to move to the main tent or dining area. After all food has been served, these tables will again be used for clearing plates from the guests' tables.

The linen size for the 6'x 30" table is 60"x 100", and to skirt three sides requires two 6 1/2 foot long skirts. For outdoor parties where wind is a concern, Click Here to see the plastic elastic table covers page.

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6' x 30 x 42" 'Bar Height' Rectangle Table (folding):

The 42" tall six foot table is great to use for a bar, since it is "bar height".

It is also perfect for a vendor table. The height of this table brings the table-top displays right up close to the attendees. If part of your display requires participation on a computer, it is much easier to get a prospective customer to walk up to a standing display, than it is to get them to sit down.

Used as a registration table, the forty-two inch high six foot table is great for your guests to fill out forms on.

Long skirting is available to dress this table to the floor. Add table linen to completely dress your table.

6' x 30 x 36" 'Counter Height' Rectangle Table (folding):

This is the table height caterers use for food prep.

Your kitchen counter is designed 36" high because it is more comfortable to prepare meals at about waist high. You can more effectively work at this height with less fatigue and greater control.

Just like your kitchen counter, the ergonomics of this thirty-six inch high work table will help you get more done and keep your back from getting strained.

6' x 18" Rectangle Table (folding):

The six foot by eighteen inch table is most commonly used as a seminar table. Attendees will be seated along one side of the table and face the instructor or speaker at the front of the room. There is plenty of space on the "classroom table" to fit a pad of paper, water pitcher and glass. In a lecture setting, three people will normally be seated along one side of the table, but the length will fit four.

This table can also be used in tight areas where other tables will not fit such as hallways. Against a wall behind a beverage station, this table will keep beverage supplies in easy reach while saving space in a room.


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